Presenting your new school logo!

Presenting your new school logo!
Posted on 05/29/2023
We have a winner!

We’re thrilled to announce the eagerly-awaited results of our highly-anticipated School Logo poll. The Pine Trees are the clear winner with a final vote count of 81 versus 64 for the Bees.

We thank everyone for submitting your votes and helping the school choose our new logo. 

The new logo will now be prominently displayed across various platforms and materials, symbolizing our school's identity and representing us in official communications, events, and initiatives. Overall, the logo serves as a powerful symbol of the school's values of collaboration, interdependence, and individual growth.


"Clifford Bowey students, educators, and community members represent such diverse lived experiences, and bring such a variety of gifts to share, that the interconnected pine trees beautifully represent how the synergy of our diversity makes  each of us stronger together." - Principal Kristine Klassen

This new logo wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of OCDSB Co-Op student Feyza G. who created both the logo versions, in its multiple iterations. Thank You Feyza!

Logo Details:
  • Tagline - ‘Stronger Together’ is included beneath the logos, emphasizing the school's focus on collaboration and teamwork to achieve their goals. ‘Stronger Together’ is a phrase that we have been unofficially using for many years and by including it, we are honoring this core value that has always been foundational to this school community.
  • Colours - The colours used - blue and gold - evoke a sense of friendliness and inclusiveness.


The pine trees symbolize the idea of a forest as a community where trees of different sizes rely on each other to grow strong and thrive.

The trees are arranged in a way to show their interconnectedness and interdependence, with smaller trees growing alongside larger ones with branches from different trees intertwining. This represents the school's philosophy of relying on each other to become strong individuals, just as trees rely on their surrounding environment to grow and flourish.
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