Principal's Message

Welcome to Clifford Bowey Public School!

Clifford Bowey is a school of 104 students with Developmental Disabilities who come to our program through a centralized placement process. Each of our students has unique strengths, interests and lived experiences, and our staff is proud to meet students where they are and provide learning opportunities that challenging, rewarding and reflective of the students and individuals they are. 

Relationships are at the heart of our work at Clifford Bowey: building trust with students as we work to understand their strengths and needs; collaborating with families to develop learning goals that are responsive to student interest and reflective of family priorities; wrapping supports around students through our multi-disciplinary team, including para-professionals and community partners; and building strong educator teams to deliver programming that supports the health and well being of our students.  

Areas of focus for the 2022-2023:
This year we continue our focus on Play Based Learning as a context for developing communication skills, working on literacy and numeracy, social
emotional development, and more. 

Clifford Bowey educators are also delving deep into resources and programming that honours the belief that Literacy is possible for all our students. We are learning about the behaviours of emergent literacy, and we are enriching opportunities for the development of reading and writing skills for every student in our school. 

The Life Skills program has also made a reemergence at the school - in a big way! For some classes, this looks like a regular swim in the swimming pool to build comfort and familiarity in the water and develop skills of independence in the change room. For other classes, Life Skills also looks like cooking, folding clothes, washing dishes, crushing cans, operating a vacuum, and many more skills of independence to support students in their journey through school and beyond.   

Through these focus areas, students are working on a variety of IEP goals: expressive and receptive communication, numeracy, literacy, exploration of the arts, gross and fine motor skills, self-regulation, life skills, and more. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Clifford Bowey community; we would be very happy to help. 

Kristine Klassen
[email protected]  

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